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Join and build new content service with blockchain technologies.

The weTribe's WTX platform is the cost-effective and easy to use platform to provide next generation contents delivery and service builder over blockchain token economy.

Our platform and DApp builder enable the user to create customized content services based on their individual community needs. These customized services come equipped with a WTX token economy and a decentralized, standalone DApp service that can operate with autonomous policies.

Content Service DApp platform

weTribe Blockchain Cloud Media Service Platform enables both users and service providers to build and operate various services. This allows transmitting various media composed of video, audio, images, eBook etc. that the user wants to mobile, tablet, Smart TV, OTT, PC, VR etc. through fast and correctly identified various devices, resolution, network status, etc. requested by the user. Various service configurations and policies defined are consistently applied to every screen.


Inventor, Creator,

David Chung has over 20 years of experience in developing, producing, patenting, funding, and successfully launching cutting-edge technology and platform services. He is particularly adept at brokering productive relationships and leading large-scale, complex technology initiatives.


He has been recognized across the industry for his creativity, vision, and innovative spirit in top-tier publications like Wired Magazine, Forbes, and Popular Science.

Nissi Media was created to address emerging market demand and became the premier Internet Telecommunication Infrastructure provider. David spearheaded the efforts to obtain funding for an ambitious new venture, the world's first internet telephone system, featuring SS7 and IP convergence switching platforms, an IP-based call center platform, and telco-grade call service creation system. He was able to generate $40M in private equity investments from the US Venture Capital.

  • Delivered IP Voice Communication Service Platform
  • Internet Telephony Service Creation Platform
  • Internet Telephony Operating System

Within the first two years, he increased revenue to $10M per year. He also developed the world's first Telco-grade Internet phone and fax system via cable network with Microsoft. David also led the strategic direction for a global business unit, managing a $30M annual operating budget.


  • 2001: Patent for the methods and systems for connecting call processing system to a telephone network using an SS7 gateway
  • 2002: Telecommunications operating system
  • 2003: Integrated Internet phone call routing system

David worked as the lead creator and strategist for the TAVI, the world's first smallest portable, wireless IPTV and podcasting on-the-go device that allowed users to enjoy digital content and live TV and its open based secured video service platform. The TAVI was able to plug into multiple other devices, including larger home entertainment systems. It was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to hold a variety of applications, including games, music players, video players, and photo viewers with content protection. Users were also able to view live TV via Wifi, DMB, and FLO.

  • Delivered an IP video/audio broadcast Service
  • Mobile IPTV Content Service Platform
  • Mobile IPTV STB SW, Middleware and HW

David was primarily responsible for achieving innovation awards for three consecutive years at CES, including the Best of Innovations Award in the Portable Electronics Category. He also helped generate over 9M unique visitors per day in eight months.


Wired Magazine : 10/10, Forget the Apple !
Forbes : While other companies strive to mimic the simplicity of Apple, New Media Life wants to set a new standard altogether.

David earned industry respect and accolades for developing the first new media digital content service cloud platform in development with Oculus. The platform received the Best of Infocomm Award in Las Vegas.


He conceptualized, developed, and launched a Cloud N-Screen cloud media service platform and an N-screen Native App builder for cross-platform use, including video, audio, live and eBook support. It's N-Screen content commerce platform and the N-Screen client covers a wide variety of devices including iOS, Android, various SmartTVs (including Samsung, LG, Google, TLC, Konka, and OTT), Windows Mobile, Web, and Desktop.

After becoming the CTO of a major technology company based in Beijing to lead VR platform project, David was instrumental in developing VR gear and its VR service platform for the Chinese market.

STICK.TV is a content service creation and service operating platform that allows organizations to build both live and on-demand content service to a mobile, smart TV and PC. It enables content creators to set various service policies like pay-per-view service or flat monthly fee based service. Stick.TV provided a variety of apps to facilitate secured streaming, broadcasting, publishing, and even app creation, all on the cloud.

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