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Join and build your own DIY service easily and professionally.

The weTribe's WTX platform is the cost-effective and easy to use platform to provide next generation digital asset delivery, service builder and operation.

Our platform and DApp builder enable the user to create customized digital asset/content services based on their individual community needs. These customized services come equipped with a WTX service operation platform and a decentralized, standalone DApp service that can operate with autonomous policies.

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Digital Asset Service DApp

weTribe Cloud Digital Asset Service Platform enables both users and service providers to build and operate various services. This allows transmitting various digital asset composed of tokenized asset, live, video, audio, images, eBook etc. that the user wants to web, mobile, tablet, Smart TV, OTT, PC, VR etc. through fast and correctly identified various devices, resolution, network status, etc. requested by the user. Various service configurations and policies defined are consistently applied to every screen.


WTX plays an important role in improving the user experience as a generic token for various DApps made on all WTX platforms. The WTX platform is open to the public, developers, third-party applications and service providers. It also provides an API specifically for developers, but it also provides a service building tool that allows the general public who does not know programming to create a DApp service.


Use the DApp Builder for Smart TVs to create and deploy DApp for smart TVs that fully synchronize policies and structure with Mobile DApp. You can create in-house TVs for businesses with business offices scattered around them or create and run your own music video TV channels and more in coffee shops with franchises around the world. You can also partner with a TV manufacturer with your Smart TV app. Of course, the contents can be supplied by members at the discretion of the Chief, or they can be legally supplied and paid for through syndication with other tribes. app-mockup

You can create audio podcasts or live broadcast services, sell monthly licenses, or sell per-content access. Demand for audio content continues to increase due to capacity and ease of listening. You can serve lectures, entertainment contents, music, etc. You can also distribute audio lessons and matching eBooks. app-mockup

Create, distribute and monetize a variety of lecture / educational content services. To do this, you can create DApp services from a variety of design templates and features in just a few clicks, or you can develop them directly with the provided APIs. It defines various service policies and functions such as monthly payment type, payment type, advertisement type, and directly manages / communicates viewers and listeners of the service directly.

  • eLearning Service with various payment policies
  • Cyber University
  • Web, Mobile, SmartTV, OTT synchronized

Easily create a DApp for your interests or Celeb community. Share new news quickly, support video, voice chat, live broadcast, and connect and communicate anytime, anywhere. For those who have performed the requested mission or have contributed much to the community, you can reward them in the way the chief designed algorithm.


Blockchain BaaS Architecture

• WTX platform realizes market need by using service-oriented architecture and modular service building technology as the common communication fabric. There are two stages of action for WTX platform services – service creation stage and service management stage for contents providers

Client Architecture

• WTX DApp Core is software full stack that enables media delivery service to the multi-platform and seamless connectivity with the service platform integrated with WTX. • WTX DApp builder provide digital asseet/content service DApp application builder for various devices/screens like OTT, mobile, smart TV, Web, PC etc that allows the user to interact, purchase, manage and play various digital asset commerce/contents service.



Make Your Tribe
Mobile DApp

Build you branded blockchain enabled service, Manage your own user. Once your get to be a member of weTribe, you’re in. Get access to our Instant DApp builder and operate your service.

  • • Cloud based digital asset service builder
  • • Zero programming for creator
  • • Fast Development for programmer
  • • Native your service DApps

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